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The Flight Lounge – Full Rule List


This is a full list of rules that apply to every member in our Discord Server. Members are expected to follow every rule included in this list, and the basic rules highlighted in the rules chat should only be used as a basic guide to refer to. The following rules are divided under sections, with each rule having a reference number, which will be used when warning you. The first number defines the category the rule is under, and the second defines the specific rule. The colour scheme shows the severity of the rule. Rules apply to all forms of content, including text, files and media, unless otherwise stated.

RED = Strictly Enforced, Severe Consequences.

AMBER = Actively Enforced, Confirmed Consequences.

GREEN = Relaxed Enforcement, Likely Consequences.


0 – Mandatory Server Joining Requirements

0.1 – You must comply with all of Discords T&C’s.

    0.11 – This includes being over 13, to comply with COPPA regulations.

0.2 – You must live in a state where the use of VOIP services like Discord are permitted.

0.3 – By joining, you agree to follow all server rules.

1 – Offensive Content

  1. – Racism and Racist jokes are unacceptable, and will not be  tolerated.

  2. – Sexism and Sexist jokes are unacceptable, and will not be tolerated.

  3. – Any form of NSFW content is strictly prohibited.

  4. – Any other offensive language/slurs/terms will not be tolerated.

2 - Swearing

2.1 – Swearing is allowed, but you should keep it to a minimum.

2.2 – Swearing for effect isn’t allowed. (I.e. Only if something bad         happens to you.)

3 – Voice Channels

3.1 – In addition to all the other rules, some extra rules apply for VC. Do not join ATC VC, no matter the atmosphere, and mess around.

3.2 – Do NOT join ATC VC and play music using the bot, and do not use the bot to play loud sounds (earrape) or annoying sounds in any VC unless everyone in the call is happy with it.

4 – Attitude to Others

4.1 – Do not show a bad attitude to any other member in the server. A bad attitude is determined by a mod/admin as well as other members. If your attitude is deemed inappropriate then a mod/admin will decide on consequences.

4.2 – Do not show a bad attitude towards mods/admins doing their job. Being disrespectful will subject you to the warning system.

5 – Advertising

5.1 – Self Advertising is prohibited. To gain permission to do so, DM an Admin.

5.2 – Advertising downloadable content/addons doesn’t count as self advertising and is allowed for non-commercial uses.

6 – Pings

6.1 – Pinging everyone/here/roles is strictly not allowed. Doing so will get you a 24 hour mute as well as a warning.

6.2 – Available Pilots may only be pinged if you will offer one hour of ATC service. It is not for use for any other reason.

6.3 – Admins/Mods do not ping everyone unless an important announcement is made. However do note you will get a ping during these announcements, and you should not have an adverse reaction to them.


7 - ATC Guidelines

For Controllers:

7.11 - Set your name as your airport and position that you are controlling at. e.g. (EGLC_TWR)

7.12 - Give yourself the appropriate ATC role in #❗-reaction-roles (Only use these roles when controlling.)

7.13 - Use formal and correct ATC language, and the aviation phonetic alphabet.

7.14 - You have the option to choose the atmosphere in your session, but it MUST be stated in your nickname clearly. (E.g. Casual, Formal, Professional.)

7.15 - Only ping Available Pilots if you can offer more than an hour of controlling service, in the appropriate #atc-announcements chat.

Formal ATC Only:

7.16 - Use professional procedure, and NO conversation in frequency.

7.17 – Use professional language, and strictly no swearing.

Professional ATC Only:

7.18 – You must provide service to a high standard of quality, and be ready to provide information such as ATIS, METAR and more info to pilots.

For Pilots:

7.21 – You should listen to all requests made by controllers. If you fail to acknowledge, you will be kicked from the game, and warned in Discord.

7.22 – Spawning in a prohibited aircraft will get you kicked in game and warned in Discord. (Prohibited Aircraft consist of, but are not limited to Antonov 225, Airbus A380, Super Aircraft larger than the 747).

7.23 - File your flight plan in the #flight-plans chat.

Formal ATC Only:

7.24 - Set your nickname as your callsign.

7.25 - Use formal and correct ATC language, and the aviation phonetic alphabet.

7.26 – NO conversation in frequency.

Professional ATC Only:

7.27 - Use professional procedure and be ready to answer ATC requests swiftly and appropriately.

7.28 – It is your responsibility to note down information given by ATC if needed. Constant failure to readback correctly can result in further consequences.

8 – Message Content

8.1 – Messages should stay roughly related to the theme of the chat they are sent in.

8.2 – Message themes should not promote/reflect on illegal activities.

8.3 – Message themes should not promote/reflect on things that violate Discord and other services T&C’s, and our rules.

8.4 – Message themes should not mention terrorism, politics, or other sensitive/legal matters.

8.5 – Files posted should only be Images, GIF’s or text documents. Other files including but not limited to (.bat, .exe, .zip) will not be permitted.

8.6 – Spam is not allowed. This can be in the form of Text, Files and Media.

8.61 – Spam @ people is not permitted.

8.62 - Sending multiple GIF’s will be considered as spam.

8.7 – Reacting to many messages with multiple reactions will be counted as Reaction Spam.

8.71 – Inappropriate and Offensive reactions fall under violations of Rule 1, and are prohibited. 

8.8 – General hate towards the server is prohibited. If something is wrong, leave us feedback and help us improve by doing so.


Admins and moderators reserve the right to kick/ban as well as enforce any other sanction immediately without prior warning, if they deem necessary.

Birdstrikes are our warning system, you should familiarise yourself with them.

Verbal Warning (Not Logged) = Nothing. Only one verbal warning will be issued per person within 24 hours. After one verbal, you will be issued a birdstrike.

1 Birdstrike = Nothing.

2 Birdstrikes = Kick.

3 Birdstrikes = One-Day Ban.

4 Birdstrikes = Seven Day Ban.

5 Birdstrikes = Indefinite Ban.


Birdstrikes are indefinite. However after a period of time has elapsed, depending on the severity of the warnings, an admin may choose to remove one or more birdstrikes from an account. However this is not guaranteed in anyway.


Created and Effective: 3rd October 2020


- TFL Team

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