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TFL-TM Logo.png

Introducing... us!

We are just the same as before, maybe a little bit more cambered ;)

Our rebranding was overdue for a long time. The nostalgic 2010's blue, the misaligned text. It was actually quite a nice, fitting logo for the flight simulation scene. An era of gaming stuck in the past, well, 5 years behind or so, a more traditional gaming style, professional and procedural. However with the scene, we must change. And with times, the scene has changed. Specifically the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, has pushed the community out of this somewhat cave it seemed to have fallen into. It resparked a light in a group of people seemingly on standby mode, as the resurgence of the flight simmers has been huge; almost as if it had never faded away. Anyway, semantics aside, here. It's us. Same as always, different as ever. The blue, it's still there, just a little lighter. The triangular line shape, it's still there (featuring all new curved technology!) The slanted text, oh it's as slanted as ever. As if it's been stepped on, commented by one of our admins. It's a love hate thing for now, it seems. The opinions are heavily mixed. Some love it, some hate it. But we think it's just logo shock. Come this time next year, people (hopefully) won't want it to change!

- Clear Skies ✈︎

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